„Erst aus der eindeutigen Abgrenzung des Eigenen vom Fremden kann eine Haltung der Toleranz entwickelt werden.“ (Kumbruck, 2005, S. 39)

“Only after a clear separation of the own from the foreign can an attitude of tolerance be developed”

By sharpening your feeling for culturally relevant communication and behavior patterns, you can gain access to developing an „Inter“ Culture when working together with representatives of other cultures. You choose actions which are  situative and appropriate, rather than behavior which is right or wrong.

Cultural Awareness – Topics

  • Communicative and cultural styles
  • Culture as a process
  • Cultural specifics in perception, judging and acting
  • Corporate cultures
  • Culture analysis and stereotyping
  • Self-view, external view, meta view
  • Intercultural management
  • Intercultural Due Diligence

Duration: 2 days