Kick off of a new multicultural team

Lay the ground stone for successful cooperation in your multicultural team – from the beginning. Create an atmosphere of trust, responsibility, team spirit and performance orientation and build a successful team.

Possible topics could be:

  • Creating and reflecting on initial, common experiences
  • Having fun and joy in the team – outside of work
  • Developing a common „language“, rituals and rules
  • Personal preferences of team members (e.g. with Diversity IcebreakerÒ,  or MBTI Ò)
  • Appreciating differences

Integration of new employees/graduates from other cultures in your team

More and more foreign professionals are joining the German workforce. We support you in making this integration as smooth as possible.

Possible topics could be:

  • Rituals and rules in the team
  • Feedback culture(s)
  • Accepting and understanding
  • Team roles and taking on new roles
  • Responsibilities and division of tasks
  • Communication and cooperation in the team
  • Conflict solving strategies in the team

Working in a virtual team with members of various cultures

Managers of teams with members spread all over the globe face special challenges – especially when face-to-face meetings seldom, or never, take place. Here it’s important to apply the team success factors in a virtual context.

Possible topics could be:

  • Dealing with anonymity
  • Information management
  • Informal interaction possibilities – norms and approaches
  • Roles and rituals in virtual teams
  • Communication and cooperation

Optimizing the cooperation in multicultural teams

Every successful team needs phases of reflection and optimization. With multicultural teams this means applying special sensitivity and empathy.

Possible topics could be:

  • Communication behavior of the stakeholders
  • Understanding of the team members regarding common goals and work approach
  • Culturally caused opposites or understanding problems
  • Pre-requisites for/ limits of acceptance
  • Conflicts and conflict solving strategies