Our Goals

Your Training Partner develops and deepens intercultural competence as a foundation for interacting successfully in an intercultural environment. General cultural seminars enable participants to deal situatively and appropriately with representatives of other cultures here or abroad. Country-specific seminars thoroughly prepare professionals and managers, together with their partners, for a residence abroad. Consulting and coaching initiatives aim to solve concrete issues for individuals or teams. Learning and development measures are geared to embedding the intercultural competence meaningfully in the whole corporate strategy.

Our Approach

Your Training Partner is specialized in solution-oriented, intercultural training, coaching and staff development. As your partner, we accompany you in learning and in gaining competencies so that you succeed in your international cooperation.  Our trainings are built on the model we developed for intercultural competency learning: Accept – Understand – Respect – Cooperate

Competency learning

For your staff and managers you achieve a sustainable competence and personality development, because tolerance and respect for other people always build the foundation for successful cooperation in this age of globalization.

Our trainings are highly participant-oriented, motivating and solution-focused. Besides conveying general knowledge such as cultural dimensions or process understanding, we value your concrete questions and concerns.

Methodology in the intercultural trainings and workshops

  • Theoretical inputs
  • Discussions in plenary (embedding own experiences)
  • Tests (assessing the individual)
  • Films on language and nonverbal behavior (observing cultures)
  • Speeches from global players (learning from role models)
  • Simulations  (sharing practice, experiencing and acting)
  • Presenting the own culture (empathy through a commonly created cultural experience)
  • Common theater visits (fun with joint cultural experiences)
  • Company visits (searching for cultural clues in companies)
  • Monocultural group work (getting acquainted with the own culture – the invisible becomes visible)
  • Recording thoughts in a learning diary (internalization through individual accentuation and observation assessments)