Learning and Development

Your globalization strategy is fixed – e.g. establishing and/or intensifying your locations abroad, cooperation with foreign partners, penetrating new markets or leveraging synergy effects in international projects. 

For turning your strategy into success Your Training Partner designs together with you the right L&D strategy. We support you in the conception of training modules which build on each other step-by-step, leading to the development of intercultural competence in your whole corporation. Use our experience and expertise in learning and change processes – throughout your organization.

Designing measures:

The design of every training measure to develop intercultural competence – whether on an individual, team or corporate level – is grounded in the following principles:

  • Building a link to the experiences people already have
  • Embedding the new experiences (with reference to past experiences)
  • Encouraging reflection to make the invisible visible
  • Using simulations to try out behaviors as trial and error scenarios
  • Providing theories as structured differentiations
  • Enabling new discoveries
  • Ensuring an atmosphere of well-being (free of fear, tolerant of mistakes, stimulating)
  • Allowing a multitude of episodes, stories and experiences