Interkulturelles Training

Cultural Awareness

„Erst aus der eindeutigen Abgrenzung des Eigenen vom Fremden kann eine Haltung der Toleranz entwickelt werden.“ (Kumbruck, 2005, S. 39)

“Only after a clear separation of the own from the foreign can an attitude of tolerance be developed”

By sharpening your feeling for culturally relevant communication and behavior patterns, you can gain access to developing an „Inter“ Culture when working together with representatives of other cultures. You choose actions which are  situative and appropriate, rather than behavior which is right or wrong.

Personality and Culture (MBTI®)

„People in the same country do things differently and people in different countries do things the same way.“ We explore this sentence in depth with the Myers Briggs Type IndicatorÒ. You learn which strengths and development potential characterize you personally and how you can use them in working in intercultural settings.

Leading in an Intercultural Environment

Intercultural challenges do not only occur abroad. How you as a leader can immediately tap the potential of your new employee from another country –  our leadership seminars focusing on intercultural aspects equip you with the skills you need.

Going to…concrete country-specific preparation

„You have certainly aged since your stay here in Shanghai!“ This is a compliment (!) from an employee to his German boss. In China age is equated with wisdom. Good to know. Your Training Partner provides you with the knowledge you need to successfully master the exciting and challenging time abroad.

Visual Facilitating in an intercultural environment

Especially when language presents difficulties in communicating, supporting the message visually can facilitate dialog. Complex connections can be easily and transparently illustrated. Problems and solutions are grasped more quickly and clearly.