Prior to the assignment

Good preparation ensures a smooth transition for all involved. Depending on the   needs and individual agreement, we can work on the following topics:

  • Country specifics an general knowledge for every day life
  • Preparing and planning the journey/
  • Partner and family concerns (schools, care)
  • Language and communication
  • Culture shock and coping strategies
  • Conflict solving strategies
  • Adaptation and assimilation
  • Own attitudes and preferences

As a temporary support during the time abroad

Especially on the job in the new culture it is helpful to systematically continue the process of self-reflection. The “Inter-Culture“ arises in the communication of the people involved – and these can be very different. We support you in managing these processes.

Our coaching approach is not focused on „right or wrong behavior“, but on „appropriate or inappropriate“ behavior in each situation.

Context-related behavioral competence means that you can activate the appropriate competencies in the respective situation.

Possible topics could be:

  • Clarifying and solving concrete leadership issues
  • Conflict management and moderation
  • Culture shock and coping strategies
  • Perspective change and pressure to act
  • Developing employees and employee dialogs
  • Communication in the organization

For impats

More and more foreign professionals are being integrated in the German job market. We support you in making this integration as smooth as possible.

Depending on the needs and individual agreement we can work on the following topics: 

  • Arrival and acclimatization
  • Germany as a host country
  • Leadership and working together
  • Integration in the team – expectations and possibilities
  • Issues of the accompanying partner/family members
  • Language and communication
  • Culture shock and support

Returning home from abroad

Returning home from abroad means re-orienting yourself  in the culture you thought you were used to. Accompanied by us, your „return shock“  will be more manageable, enabling you to get down to work more quickly.

Possible topics could be:

  • Closure and appreciation
  • Reintegration possibilities
  • Short and mid-term professional goals
  • Family goals and perspectives
  • Social network